About Us

From the Campus Progressives Constitution:

“The Campus Progressives will educate, advocate and mobilize.

  1. We will educate students in necessary skills to become effective participants and leaders in public policy and non-profit areas.

  2. We will bring together coalitions of students working on different progressive issues and help them find opportunities and volunteers     to advocate for their causes.

  3. We will mobilize campus towards progressive causes and seek to create zones of political discourse and action within the Whitman College community. ”


We will teach Whitman students necessary skills to be successful political organizers, policy-makers, or non-profit workers. In order to do so, we hope to provide educational workshops, speakers, and volunteer opportunities that will allow students to learn skills ranging from leadership to database management. We are open to any suggestions, but hope to provide learning opportunities for some of these areas in the coming year:

  • Technical Skills: Database Management, Content Management Systems, Design Programs, Social Media Tools,

  • Organizing: Grant Writing, Messaging Methods, Roberts Rules of Order, Event Planning

  • Legislative: Resolution Writing, Petitioning, Legislative Research,


In addition to learning the skills needed to be successful in progressive politics, students will practice and use these skills in meaningful ways. They will have chances to volunteer with progressive organizations, manage our database, plan events, develop our messaging, and write and advocate for student government resolutions.


Campus Progressives will mobilize campus to progressive causes through video screenings, debates, volunteer recruitment, and bringing notable speakers to campus. These efforts will generate enthusiasm and support for progressive causes and Campus Progressives will provide outlets for involvement.


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